About us

Prensa Técnica S.L. is a publishing company founded in Barcelona in 1956. Ever since the beginning, all of our publications have shown our clear vocation of reaching global readers internationally, and our magazines are valued and highly recognized in both Spain and the rest of the world. Beginning in 2014 we also plan trade fairs and events addressing the sectors related to our publications.


  • Mercería Actualidad. News on the haberdashery and crafts sectors. Founded in 1990. Quarterly magazine.
  • Modapiel & Accessories. Fashion in the footwear sector, since 1969. Quarterly magazine.
  • Técnica del Calzado. Machinery, technology, components and materials for the footwear and leather goods sectors. Founded in 1968. Two issues a year.

Trade fairs

  • Estil & Moda Barcelona. Held twice a year, the trade fair was created in 1992. Since April of 2014 Prensa Técnica took over the planning and organization of this professional trade fair for the footwear and accessories sector.